Indonesia Mencari Bakat – Final

Ok, so it’s now the final of Indonesia Mencari Bakat or the last 8. I believe this Indonesia’s version of British Got Talent is gonna be a very tough competition. Love all the finalists but yet the winner must be chosen. All the finalists are already winner actually. I watched the complete show tonight, the first competition at this final saga…

What I need to mention is the worst part of the show. Today, they bring in Cinta Laura as the guest star. My gosh, can’t they find someone better? Laura really ruined this show with her poor performance. I really can’t enjoy her song and I just think that apart from her body which is not bad, her voice is really nothing. And to make things worse, they are making a joke by putting her on this show. This show is a showcase of winners and by inviting her, we all can see that Cinta Laura is certainly not qualified even as a finalist of the show. Sorry to be rude but her appearance is a total NO.

The show started with Fay. Love this little girl, energetic and today’s action is cool. Brandon is good as well but guess most of the audiences especially
Transformers lovers are disappointed as the dance possibly cover transformers or robot dance less than 10%. JP did a wonderful show today. Love the song she has chosen to play with. Rumingkang is awesome. This group is getting better. I think it will not be easy for a group of five members to synchronize their movements yet this group did it and i am amazed with their costume. Last week costume was awesome. Klantink is great. Again, this group always lift up the spirit of audience. Putri Ayu is also good but i don’t really like the color of
the costume and the shell. Somehow think a white color will reflect the color of shell and pearl but maybe they try to put in some colors to make it different. Funky Papua is also cool especially the ending movement with June ‘flying’…

I put Hudson the last as I think tonight’s show goes for him. I really like the setting and color of the whole set. The dominant color or red and black really convey a nice and different ambiance. Did you see the red roses as the
background? And when Hudson and Jessica sing together with the help of the giant screen? It’s awesome…

My sms went to Hudson and Rumingkang tonight and I think Brandon and Putri Ayu
might be among the bottom three in audience’s selection but again audience might still love Brandon for his cute smile…

Anyway, love all the finalists and since they are announcing that the audition for the
second season will start soon, hope there will be more real entertainers exposed to showcase their blessings. Love the idea of this show and love Indonesia…

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2 responses to “Indonesia Mencari Bakat – Final

  1. Keren Banget! Acara IMB Indonesia Mencari Bakat memang sangat bagus dan bermanfaat. Terbukti ratingnya naik terus.

    Saya sangat senang bangga, menikmati acara IMB selama ini. Kontestannya bagus-bagus, sebut saja: Hudson, Putri Ayu, Brandon, Klantink, Funky Papua. Semuanya berkelas. Benar-benar bangga menjadi anak Indonesia. Maju terus!

    Contoh Iklan

  2. verona

    imb generasi2 bagus aku binggungmilih yang mana ada 2orang terus aku milih alesoul

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